Tanks and Military Vehicles


From the lozenge-shaped hulks of the Western Front to the latest Abrams, from amphibious vehicles to half-tracks to engineer vehicles, Tank and Military Vehicles includes a massive range of military technology.

  • Almost 600 military vehicles featured, each one illustrated by a full-colour artwork
  • Major tanks and support vehicles from World War I to the present included
  • Full crew, dimensions and weights provided for each vehicle, all measurements in imperial and metric
  • Favourites section
  • Quick search functions
  1. Screenshots:
  2. iPad
  3. iPhone
  • All data stored offline on your device. No Internet connection required
  • Available for iOS and Android

Tanks and Military Vehicles is a compendium of almost 600 of the most important armoured fighting vehicles and support vehicles in service since World War I. 

Each vehicle featured is illustrated by a full-colour profile artwork, and accompanied by a detailed specifications table giving country of origin, crew, weight, dimensions, armour, armament, powerplant and performance, with all measurements in imperial and metric. In addition, there is an introduction and for each vehicle accompanying text that summarises the vehicle¹s development and service history.


Philip Trewhitt is a freelance writer and editor who has worked extensively on military publications. He has also worked in Bosnia on behalf of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He currently resides in the south of England.

Chris McNab has written and edited numerous books on military history. Publications include Modern Military Uniforms, Twentieth Century Small Arms, and Elite Forces Manual of Endurance Techniques.

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