A dictionary developed by terminology experts and professional 2D and 3D ilustrators, helping to make sense of the world around us.

This VISUAL DICTIONARY is perfect for putting together materials for language learners, or working with materials in a foreign language. You will find accurate, lifelike ilustrations accompanied by translations, covering a diverse range of categories from animals and plants to household items, technology, science and community life.

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.
Further languages will be available soon.

– 7,000 illustrations covering all aspects of modern society and the natural world
– Up to 40,000 entries per language
– divided into 14 topics
– more than 1,000 pages
– vocabulary developed by terminology experts
– lifelike images created by 2D and 3D professional illustrators

Multilingual Visual Dictionary

Visual information resource in up to 6 languages

With more than 4,500 detailed illustrations this edition offers visual inventory of today’s world on more than 900 pages and lists about 20,000 fully indexed terms in up to six different languages. For anyone who speaks or is learning more than one foreign language.
Format: 194 x 249 mm, 928 pages in 5 language edition

Visual compendium of immense scope and depth

The Visual Dictionary

On more than 600 pages you will find about 3,500 stunning illustrations labeled with accurate terminology of 12,000 fully indexed terms in each of two languages. This edition may contain definitions instead of the second language.
Format: 153 x 191 mm, 640 pages

The Visual Dictionary – Abriged Edition

Quick and intuitive way to learn and recall everyday words

Abridged and handy edition of the Visual Dictionary offers 8,000 terms in each of two languages on about 400 pages. A perfect language-learning, vocabulary and reference book to use at school, at home or at work.
Format: 133 x 166 mm, 416 pages

Compact Visual Dictionary

Small enough to carry along

This very compact edition offers about 1,500 terms in each language on carefully selected illustrations. This all-purpose reference book is the perfect companion for students, travelers and all language lovers on the go.
Format: 110 x 140 mm, 144 pages

Visual dictionary for children and parents

The ideal edition to meet the interests of today’s children

Visual dictionary for children and parents is an exciting collection of about 900 illustrated terms, chosen by education experts to meet children’s interests. On 64 pages it offers a fun and easy way for young language students to expand their vocabulary and broaden knowledge.
Format: 205 x 254 mm, 64 pages

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