London. Discover the City.


City sights audio guide with enclosed maps and photos for your city trip in additional PDF file.

London, the Center of Europe, is one of the most alluring cities in the world. The monarchy, porridge for breakfast, traditional five o'clock tea, London fog and the ravens protecting the kingdom's foundations are all stereotypes of London. But they are only stereotypes. Take an exciting trip around London with our new "London. Discover the City" audio guide. You get a unique opportunity to hear thrilling stories about the most wonderful city sights, to learn about its intriguing history and to see the London of today.

In the enclosed PDF file, you will find our Discover the City book with photos and maps, locating all sights. After the purchase, you can easily add the PDF file into your library. You must get to know the city in person, enjoy its atmosphere, and discover its secrets. Discover London with us!

The audio guide will tell you about the 18 most interesting sights:

• The Tower and Tower Bridge
• The London Eye
• Big Ben
• Westminster Abbey
• 10 Downing Street
• The National Gallery
• Trafalgar Square
• Piccadilly
• Buckingham Palace
• Hyde Park
• Kensington Palace
• Baker Street
• Madam Tussauds
• Soho
• Covent Garden
• the Royal Opera theatre
• The British Museum
• St Paul's Cathedral
• The London Underground

The PDF booklet that accompanies this selection will be automatically added to My Library after the purchase.

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