About Prague. Talking City Guide


Prague, the Golden City, is famous with its good traditions. This is probably what creates the city's special, magic, mysterious, and positive aura. As it has been said for many years now, once you have seen Prague you will be in love with it forever.

Have an exciting trip through Prague together with 'About Prague. Talking City Guide'. Read the thrilling tales about the loveliest sights and get to know Prague as it is today.

The city guide is remarkable in two main respects:

• This book can not only be read but also heard. All the texts are read out by a professional speaker.
• You can see all the city sights on the offline maps included, or you can call up the online maps from the chapter by clicking on a link.

The maps and photos in this city guide will help you to cope while in Prague. You must get to know this city yourself and enjoy its beauty and secrets.

The guide will tell you about the 17 most interesting sights:
• Wenceslas Square
• Josefov
• Old Town Square
• Prague Astronomical Clock
• National Theater
• Powder Gate
• Charles Bridge
• Hradèany
• Schwarzenberg Palace
• Prague Castle
• St. Vitus Cathedral
• Golden Lane and Kafka's House
• Old Royal Palace
• Strahov Monastery
• Vyšehrad
• Prague City Museum
• Terezín

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