Picking your Pet


Tabby cat or toucan? Airedale terrier or Angora rabbit? Royal python or pearly jawfish? Picking your Pet features a huge range of pets from everyday animals such as cats, dogs and guinea pigs to exotic ones such as tropical fish, parakeets and green iguanas. From the golden hamster to the fire salamander, from the chihuahua to the doberman, from energetic rabbits to docile tortoises, Picking your Pet offers a thorough selection of the world’s most popular domestic animals.

  • 300 pets, each one illustrated by a full-colour artwork
  • From cats and dogs to parakeets, iguanas and salamanders
  • Information tables on size, distribution, habitat, diet and breeding
  • Essential information on the conditions needed to keep each pet
  • Quick search functions by animal type
  • Favourites section
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  2. iPad
  3. iPhone
  4. Android

Picking your Pet includes 300 animals arranged in sections for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small mammals, reptiles, horses, amphibians and arachnids. Each pet is illustrated with an outstanding colour illustration supported by informative text on the habitat, appearance and character of the animal. Each entry is completed with a specification box providing detail on size, distribution, diet and breeding.

Authoritatively written, Picking your Pet is an easy-to-use reference app for anyone interested in keeping domesticated animals.

Claudia Martin is an author and editor with a keen interest in pets and zoology. Her recent books include handbooks on dog care for adults and children, as well as guides to whale-watching and primates of the world.

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