Mammals include some of the most intriguing creatures on the planet; they live on land, at sea, in the air and under the ground. They range from the big cats of Africa to the Arctic hare to South America’s Spectacled bear to the whales and dolphins that roam the world’s oceans. All mammals, from bats to monkeys, share a number of important traits that make them different from other animals. Mammals are warm-blooded, they have fur or hair, and most give birth to their young rather than laying eggs.


  • 300 mammals featured from cats, dogs and mice to squirrels, bears, deer and anteaters
  • Superbly illustrated with detailed full-colour artworks
  • Information tables contain key data such as features, habitat, weight, distribution and breeding
  • Quick search functions
  • Glossary
  • Favorites section
  • All data stored offline on your device. No Internet connection required
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This app profiles the mammals of the world by including fascinating examples from all of the world’s major mammal families. Mammals offers a truly comprehensive overview of these remarkable animals from every continent and gives a sense of the incredible diversity of mammal types.

The entries are grouped by Order and then by Family, then alphabetically by Latin species name within the Family. Each Family section contains examples of key species which are illustrated with beautifully detailed, full-colour artwork. For easy reference, each entry includes a table of information on scientific name, special features, habitat, distribution, length, weight and breeding.

About the author
Dr Chris McNab has published more than 30 books on a vast range of subject areas. In addition he has written dozens of articles for magazines, newspapers and encyclopedias, and also works as a copy-editor and proofreader. He lives in South Wales.

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